“Over the years, I’ve had a conflicting relationship with music, a kind of on/off love affair. I find it deeply engrossing and intoxicating…it’s a bit of a pandora’s box for me” – says Keelan.

A founding member of up-and-coming Irish band The Marigolds, the dissolution of the band had a profound effect on Keelan as he quickly fell out of love with the industry. With more than ten years passing without music in his life, the world-wide pandemic revitalised Keelan’s creativity. Strapping on his Fender Telecaster and switching on an old Roland keyboard he began the process of writing and producing songs once again. The results were immediate and quickly culminated in the formation of his new project, Keelan X.

Why the name ‘Keelan X’?

Even though this started out as a solo project, it very much has a band-vibe to it.  “Music, like life, is a team sport, and loads of people contribute to the energy in this,” says Keelan. Declan, Julian, Alex, Dave, my friends, random people I bump into, photographers, video producers, actors, engineers, promoters, etc. I didn’t want to call myself just “Keelan” as I thought it was a bit “Beyoncé” so I came up with the X as it signifies the multiplier effect others have on the development of the music and each song”. 


Keelan’s distinct sound is borne out his eclectic taste in music, taking influence from contemporary artists such as The War on Drugs, The Weeknd, The Academic, The Midnight etc., melding this with his love of late 70s  & 80s period….acts such as Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Tears for Fears, Prefab Sprout and Giorgio Moroder to name but a few.

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