“Johnny Logan's 1980 Eurovision winner What’s Another Year has been given a synth pop makeover by Irish electro act Keelan X” - RTE - Read more here

“Latest single, “What’s Another Year,” perfectly combines these two influences into one expertly crafted synth-pop song” – Electro Wow - Read more here

 “Keelan X shares synth-pop cover of Johnny Logan's 'What's Another Year' … combines elements from classic '80s synth-pop with those from modern interpretations of the genre, like The Weekend." - Hot Press - Read more here

 “Keelan X unveils Eurovision cover ‘What’s Another Year’" - Find Your Sounds - Read more here



 “Keelan X returns with 80s infested synth-pop single ‘The Other Side’ “ –  Side-Line Magazine - Read more here

 “Keelan X returns with hooky synth-pop single ‘The Other Side’ “ – Find Your Sounds - Read more here



“Latest single “Fever” is another synth-infused banger, and we love it so much we’ve decided to crown Keelan our UK Artist of The Week” - The Vinyl District - Read more here

 “Fever…strident vocal dynamism to match the mesmerizing energy of the heavy production, which will be an instant hit with The War on Drugs, The Weeknd, and The Midnight fans. To borrow a line…this one is feeling like a straight ten on the Richter scale.” – A n R Factory - Read more here

 “Heavily inspired by both 80s and contemporary sonics, Keelan X (of The Marigolds) pulls on a diverse musical background to create a rich, silky sound”  - Hot Press - Read more here

“FEVER …a luxurious soundscape with soft synths and a spellbinding top-line. – PopMuzik, Sweden - Read more here

“'Fever' is a sexy and seductive pop jam" – PopPassion - Read more here

 “Keelan X’s new single ‘Fever’; an infectious, burning, disco-infused blast” - Backseat Mafia - Read more here



 “…a great new artist. He shows his love for 80s music well in the amazing track These Days. Irish-born Keelan certainly knows how to surprise us.” – SnythPop Lover - Read more here

 “These Days…#the track sparkles throughout as Keelan experiments with uplifting synth soundscapes, soaring guitars and the use of a relentless, foot-tapping drum-machine style beat” – Desert Island Cloud - Read more here

 “Paying homage to 80s synth-pop soundscapes, These Days is a catchy, retro ear worm conjuring memories of The Breakfast Club, The Outsiders and Sixteen Candles” – Find Your Sounds - Read more here 

 “These Days: Keelan Cunningham and Brian O' Carroll create a light-hearted promo for Keelan's song These Days, on a cold February day in Lower Manhattan” – PromoNews - Read more here

 “…a rather convincing 80’s infused single / video These Days” - Fame Magazine - Read more here



“Keelan X's smooth, passionate vocals are packed with so much soul and emotion” – Caesar Live n’ Loud - Read more here

 “….clearly a talented and heartfelt songwriter, with a precise artistic vision. No Fall Off Rome is...an entirely praiseworthy debut that very few artists with a lengthy industry absence would be capable of” – Platform Magazine - Read more here

 After taking a leave of absence from music, Keelan X is making strides with “No Fall of Rome.” Opening with ambient sounds that quickly turn into the catchy guitar riffs synonymous with 70s and 80s pop and rock music, “No Fall of Rome” immediately keeps its listeners intrigued. - PureDayz - Read more here